My Weird yet Talented Son

Clearly, this little boy is autistic <eyeroll>:

Sorry, I’ll be riding that horse for a while. The more I compare the autism criteria that the doctor thought matched Pie’s behavior to Pie’s actual behavior, Pie appears less autistic and the doctor appears more on crack. Today at OT, he said hi to everyone he passed (I’m not kidding: EVERY.ONE.), trying to engage them in conversation about Elmo, no matter whether we were running late for our appointment, crossing the street, or getting into the elevator. He gave hugs to the OT staff freely, showed them his Cookie Monster book, and laughed at every opportunity. (If anything, he’s bipolar — and you’d agree if you’d seen the Mr. Hyde routine he’d put on before we left for OT, and then the 180° he pulled in the car!)

Anyway, this video is brought to you by the fact that my son is über-adorable when he “reads” “What’s Wrong Little Pookie?” by Sandra Boynton. I’m just thrilled he’s starting to love books. He wants to be read to at night, and sometimes during the day, and he’s willing to go quietly to quiet time and actually BE quiet (relatively) while reading his books in bed. He almost never naps, but he actually fell asleep today — with his backpack on. It was cute, and I should have taken a picture. 🙂

I’ll have to try to get a video of him reading “10 Little Dinosaurs”, because that is hilarious, too. 🙂

One thought on “My Weird yet Talented Son

  1. I agree the Pediatrician that thinks he is autistic is definitely smoking crack. Or is being paid in some way to diagnose all the children autistic.

    When I was thinking about becoming an NICU nurse, I was told that I would need to spend at least a year in a well baby nursery/post partum unit. Because that way you know what normal babies are like. Maybe that doctor has never been around a normal child so therefore everyone is autistic?

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