Waffles on Wednesday!

We had waffles for dinner, but this post is more about coconut oil, because it’s awesome. 🙂 The post is kind of disjointed, too, because I’m experimenting with pictures in a post, using the WordPress app on my phone. Also, I was cooking and eating the waffles between sections.

The waffle iron needs to be “prepped” before cooking, which means brushing oil on the plates. I used to use a sandwich baggie over my hand to spread coconut oil (which is better for cooking at high heats than veggie or olive oil) between all the little ridges. We like the non-Belgian style of waffles, so there are a LOT of little ridges!


I either read about this trick somewhere, or had a brain blast, and started using my silicone basting brush (which I rarely ever use for actual basting) to get between all the ridges. MUCH faster, and less mess! 🙂


I also like to use coconut oil in the batter, instead of butter. This recipe calls for melted butter or oil, and since coconut oil is slightly more solid than butter at room temp, I have to melt it. But I don’t like to use the microwave for healthy food, so I put the oil in a glass cup and put that in a pan of boiling water, so it melts — and it will fairly quickly, because it has a low melting point.



I use Nutiva, which I get in a two-pack order every six months, or so, through Amazon.com “subscribe & save”.


After I get it all over my hands while measuring it out for the glass cup, I rub it into my skin and wipe the excess off with a paper towel. My skin likes that, especially if I washed dishes earlier in the day (which I did today, and got alligator hands as a result).


My skin is nice and smooth now, with no cracks or pain. 🙂

I didn’t take a picture of it, but when the coconut oil was done boiling, I just turned off the burner but left the pan of water there so I could put the plate of waffles on top of it to keep them warm while the others were cooking.

I spread a little cocoa powder into the batter after pouring it on the waffle iron. Turned out very nice!


And tasty! I love waffles for dinner. 🙂

(If you’re looking for a recipe, find one anywhere — I just used the “crispy waffles” recipe from my orange, 1970s Betty Crocker cookbook that I cannot live without, and replaced the butter with oil. I was going to use honey instead of sugar, too, but I forgot.)

2 thoughts on “Waffles on Wednesday!

  1. I bought a waffle iron on Black Thursday at Walmart for $2.88. I got it because I want to make cakewaffles. The booklet that came with it doesn’t have any directions like how long to cook waffles for. I probably need to look for a 70s Betty Crocker cookbook 🙂

    (Cake waffles are cake mix made into waffles and served for dessert)

    1. The Betty Crocker cook book says to cook them until they stop steaming, around 5 minutes. My iron has a light that goes off after a few minutes, though they haven’t always stopped steaming by then (although I sort of overflowed the iron with this batch, so they might have stopped steaming if they hadn’t been so big!).

      I’ve never cooked cake waffles. That sounds good! 🙂 There is a place where we like to go to breakfast that makes “moon biscuits”, which are waffles made from biscuit mix. Those are very yum! 🙂

      I do recommend the 50s through 70s Betty Crocker or Better Homes and Gardens cook books, because they have very handy tips on how to prepare and/or cook EVERYTHING, without always using a microwave or a crock pot. Very basic stuff that not everyone knows anymore.

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