JetPens Review!!! — a great site for finding unique writing utensils, stationery, and office supplies from Japan, Korea, Germany, and even the U.S. — recently had a request on their Facebook page for people to sign up for the opportunity to review products on their blogs, and, naturally, being the lover of writing utensils that I am, I signed up!

I know my blog isn’t exactly a high-traffic area, and I really didn’t think that I’d be one of the people selected, but it sure sounded like fun! Honestly, I didn’t even know the pool size or how they were going to do it — I just wanted to write about [free] pens! What did I have to lose?

So imagine my surprise when I got TWO packages from, one being my order of Pilot FriXion 0.4mm and Uniball Style Fit refills (which I will review later). I thought that maybe they came in two shipments, or something, but when I opened one and got a pen that I was pretty sure I didn’t order, I worried a little. Oh my goodness! There’s been a mixup somewhere! I thought I’d gotten someone else’s pen!

But NO, when I read the paper accompanying it, I realized that my request to review products had been fulfilled! They sent me a lovely Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Marker Pen!

It's what's on the inside that counts...

This juicy felt pen probably wouldn’t have been something I would have considered for myself (mostly because I’m afraid to draw in anything that isn’t erasable), but it’s kind of like read my mind regarding my desire to try out more felt-tip pens just for writing purposes. And how did they know that orange is one of my favorite colors? 🙂

I played around with it a bit:

The alphabet and 'the quick brown fox...' are my normal tests

Proving indelibly the reason erasable drawing medium is a better choice for me:

Let's get a close-up on that boo-boo!

It’s a fun pen, and it’s going into my “favorite pens” box for future fun uses! I might even consider buying a couple more to play with. I like having good, strong pens for writing.

As for, itself: I LOVE that website! There are so many pens! I find myself drooling over something new every time I visit there!

I’ll tell you about the FriXion pens later, when I take more pictures. For now, go check out, and “Like” their Facebook page!

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