About Me

(Updated: 30 September, 2019)

I am married to The Best Husband (TM), who is active-duty National Guard, but whom I’ve known since second grade, began dating the spring of our second year in college, and married two years later, in the year 2000, at the age of 22 (a theme I never noticed till now!). We have two very cute boys (more twos!), who are wonderful and entirely too smart for their own good. We homeschool them, which had always been our plan but became a necessity when they both developed pediatric feeding disorders, requiring a specific diet that schools could not provide for them (and I would feel irresponsible forcing them to accommodate).

We used to have pets, but our cranky 18-year-old cat (Ember) and sweet 12- (or 13-) year-old Golden Retriever (Ladybug) had to be put down in March and August of 2019, respectively. To be 100% honest, our busy life is much easier without pets, so I don’t think we’ll be getting any more anytime soon.

We live in a house. I can see horses out my kitchen window. They’re my neighbors’ horses, so I get to pet them but don’t have to take care of them. This is a win-win.

God has been very good to us, and continues to be so every day. 🙂 As Dave Ramsey is fond of saying: “I’m doing better than I deserve.” So much truth in that!

I sing in two different choirs (same conductor, which is convenient) and now teach a homeschool co-op choir. I occasionally teach voice, but haven’t had students for awhile. I create videos with a group that focuses on writing, while also aspiring to be organized and motivated enough to be a writer, myself. It’s a work in progress.

This blog was intended to be an everything, Mommy-style blog when it started out, and I’d wanted to talk about everything from parenthood to politics — but I think it will become more of a daily rumination and reporting kind of thing, where I write whatever I want, centering on nothing in particular (though maybe featuring certain topics more heavily than others, like my kids’ therapy journeys and my mental struggles).

Either way, it’ll probably be long-winded and disjointed, much like my brain. Enjoy! 😉