About Me

I’m a mommy of two adorable little boys and a crotchety feline who resents them because SHE was here FIRST. But I think the cat is responsible for more interrupted sleep than the boys, so she’s pretty lucky she doesn’t sleep in the garage. Also, she’s warm, soft, and cute, and I’m a pushover. So she has that going for her.

UPDATE: We just adopted a sweet, six-year-old Golden Retriever. This did not make the cat happier, but it made me happier, so who cares about what the cat thinks. 😉 /UPDATE

My boys are engines of chaos and my brain is soup most days. But they’re pretty cute, too, so I can hardly blame them for being so distracting.

My husband is a Soldier in the National Guard. When I married him, he was a computer nerd. Now he’s still a computer nerd at heart, but he’s all Hooah Army and wears a uniform. RAWR. 😉

We live in a house. I can see horses out my kitchen window. They’re my neighbors’ horses, so I get to pet them but don’t have to take care of them. Win-win!

God has been very good to us, and continues to be so every day. 🙂 As Dave Ramsey is fond of saying: “I’m doing better than I deserve.” <–Truth!